Best Travel Bags For Every Traveler

Whatever may be your travel style, these below travel bags are the perfect best travel bag carry on  for any journey that you could take. Each and every bag is different and are designed for specific trips. You can also mix and match. Here are one of the best choices for carry on rolling bags, garment bags, backpacks, laptop bags, larger suitcases and duffels,

Tumi International Expandable Carry On

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This bag is compact and you can comfortably carry this on the plane. It is  also expandable in case you want to stuff some of your extra items. Yet it is durable enough to include some more if you have shopped more than your limit. This best travel bag carry on roller bag is made of a multi layer polycarbonate alloy and is both sturdy and light. They come in five different colors.

Away Travel ‘Bigger’ Carry On With Pocket

This bag is perfect for people who hate checking a suitcase but cannot particularly travel light. The interior compartments are divided for different purposes. There is also one spare water resistant laundry bag that can be used for damp or dirty clothes. The additional feature is an in-built nylon front pocket where you can keep headphones, glasses and books, etc.

Patagonia Tres 25L Backpack

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There are tons of fancier backpacks as well as flashier ones out there, but this particular Patagonia just stands out with its intuitive and efficient design. The bag can double itself as a briefcase when not in use and has the perfect padding for a tablet or laptop (the padding is not that bulk). It’s  capacity is of twenty five liters, has a mesh on the back and also has  shoulder straps. This bag is not designed for hiking but is water resistant and inherently versatile. This backpack can also be your only bag if you are planning for a weekend trip.

Another best travel bag carry on is the Incase EO Travel Backpack. It is the best choice for business travelers. This stylish laptop bag can even accommodate a 17 inch MacBook Pro, tiny pocket, tablet sleeve, cord passages and everything you would probably need for any trip. The best sell is the butterfly design that allows the user to safeguard their electronics when they pass through the security machines. The main compartment can expand by one third as well so that you could you keep your supplies.