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Fashion Trend Forecast for 2019

Dec 28 2018

Fashion is a hungry animal that digests the “now” in the blink of an eye and then continues to roam on, looking for the next best thing. Fortunately, because data is now more readily available to analyst groups and brands, trend forecasters are able to predict further into fashion’s future than ever before. In this

Spring Fashion Trends

Oct 23 2018

Spring is just around the corner and we’re hankering for fresh silhouettes, nature-inspired patterns and pale hues that capture the delicate light and budding blossoms of warmer days ahead. Shed the heavy coats and layers and dive into Macy’s Presents The Edit’s roundup of the top spring fashion trends and styles you need now. These

History of Fashion Trends

Apr 28 2017

Fashion is essentially the most popular mode of expression: It describes the ever-changing style of clothes worn by those with cultural status. A fashion trend occurs when others mimic or emulate this clothing style. Fashions vary greatly within a society over time, but also are affected by age, occupation, sexual orientation, location and social class.